The 2005 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems
(CTS 2005)

May 15-20, 2005
Adam's Mark Hotels & Resorts
Saint Louis, Missouri, USA

In technical cooperation with the IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, and IEEE Systems, Man and Cybernetics Society


Storytelling, Visualization, and Collaboration - Beyond the Words & Images

Dr. Nahum Gershon
The MITRE Corporation
McLean, Virginia, USA


Stories in narrative or visual forms are more than just a collection of words or images. They can convey lots of information through powerful indirect messages, information that is sometimes unseen by technology. Stories can also form instantaneous collaborations between the story, its teller, and the audience. This collaboration is invisible but could be compelling. The talk is going to be highly interactive through low-tech devices and, if the audience behaves, it might also include some collective improvisation exercises.


Nahum grew up in a melting pot- a real one. This multi-lingual environment was cerebral but also literal and oral. So naturally, he desired, since he was a child, to be a scientist, an aspiration he fulfilled specializing in the areas of chemistry, physics, and biology.

Later in life, he discovered that humans cannot live on reason & linear thinking alone, so he went through years of personal transformation. Today, Nahum works on combining creative expressions like storytelling, film, and visual and interactive design with technology and strategic planning. He can still be logical (and very much so), but he does it only when appropriate.

Nahum is a Senior Principle Scientist at the MITRE Corporation where he focuses on research and practical applications of presentation and visualization of data and information, as it relates to perception, society, storytelling, and culture. Routinely, he tries very hard not to torture his audience with PowerPoint slides and bully bullets whenever possible.

In his free time, Nahum, among other things, participates in a number of national and international committees. He enjoys life.