The 2004 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems
(CTS 2004)

January 18-23, 2004
Catamaran Resort Hotel
San Diego, California, USA

In conjunction with the 2004 Western Multi conference (WMC 2004)

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Call for Papers


Mobile/Wireless Networks, Internet, and Multimedia: Enabling Technologies for Collaborative Systems

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    The Collaboration Market and Technologies

  • Notes

    What's the Use? Methods for Studying the Human Use of Collaborative Systems

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    GlobalMMCS -- Global Multimedia Collaboration

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    Collaboration Tools for Integrated Missile Warning Mission Rehearsal and Exercise

    Composing Executable Architectures in VSO

    Improving Process Execution Efficiency through Collaboration Decision Support and Knowledge Management systems

    Keynote Speeches

    Collaborative Dynabooks: A Research Agenda on Learning with Multimedia

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    The Future of Collaboration

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    Plenary Speeches

    Collaboration Systems Design: Lessons Learned and Challenges

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    Mixed-Initiative Computing

    WMC 04 Keynote Speech

    Self-Conscious Modeling

    WMC 04 Luncheon Speech

    New Directions in Simulation

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    Panel Session

    Collaborative Technology - Policy, Practice & the Way Ahead

    Special Sessions

    Collaborative Robots

    Mobile Collaborative Work

    Security and Collaboration

    Collaborative Networking Infrastructure

    e-Design and Realization of Engineered Products and Systems

    International Program Committee

    Organizing Committee

    Author Kit

    Presentation Kit

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    CTS 2003
    Orlando, FL, USA

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