The Collaboration Market and Technologies


David Coleman

Collaborative Strategies, California





Over the last 15 years collaboration technologies and the market for them have advanced rapidly.  This tutorial will look at the evolution of collaboration technologies that were driven by populations of "early adopters."  However, there is a radical shift in the population that is now using collaboration technologies, and it is no longer the technophilic and risk tolerant early adopters that are buying these technologies, but rather the "early majority" which is risk adverse and wants a solution rather than a technology.  How are these market factors affecting development of both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration technologies?  How is collaborative infrastructure being incorporated into the enterprise and the value network?  A taxonomy of collaborative tools/technologies is presented to provide a framework for discussion.  Examples of products in each taxonomy segment will be discussed as well as some of the market issues and dynamics for each segment.  Technology convergence and integration trends will also be explored.  Survey data, case studies and scenarios will be presented where appropriate. 


Required Background and Intended Audience: 

This tutorial is geared for academics, IT managers and engineers interested in collaboration as well as marketing executive from collaboration software vendors. 


Tutorial Duration:  3.5 Hours. 


Method of Presentation: Data projector (directly from laptop).  Tutorial notes will be made available as a set of PPT slides  


Presenter:  David Coleman

Founder and Managing Director

Collaborative Strategies

San Francisco, CA, USA

Email: davidc@collaborate.com


Instructor's Biography:

David Coleman is the Founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies, based in San Francisco.  Collaborative Strategies is the world's leading industry analyst and consulting organization focused on electronic collaboration and knowledge management.  David is the author of two books on collaboration (groupware) and he has written articles for a variety of industry magazines.  He is currently the editor of Inside Collaboration, a free monthly newsletter from Collaborative Strategies that tracks the electronic collaboration market.  David founded the initial GroupWare conferences in the early '90's, and is a frequent keynote and public speaker on collaboration.  He can be reached directly at: davidc@collaborate.com, or 415-282-9197.