The 2004 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS04)

Catamaran Resort Hotel, San Diego, California, USA

January 18-23, 2004

In conjunction with the 2004 Western Multi conference (WMC04)

CTS 2004 Organizing Committee

CTS 2004 Organizing Committee




Conference General Chairs and Organizers:

Bill McQuay, IFSD - Air Force Research Laboratory, Ohio, USA,

Waleed W. Smari, University of Dayton, Ohio, USA,


Program Co-Chairs:

Kirk A. Weigand, Air Force Research Lab, Ohio, USA,

Pascal van Eck, University of Twente, The Netherlands,


Tutorials Chair:

Heri Ramampiaro, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway,


Demos and Exhibits Chair:

Henry Hexmoor, University of Arkansas, Arkansas, USA,


Special Sessions and Workshops Chair:

Leonid Perlovsky, Air Force Research Laboratory, Massachusetts, USA,


Panels Chair:

Vance Saunders, Ball Aerospace, Ohio, USA,,


Publicity and Webmaster:

Seung-Yun Kim, University of Dayton, Ohio, USA,


Symposium Manager:

Steve Branch, SCS Office, San Diego, CA, USA,

Sharon Odegaard, SCS Office, San Diego, CA, USA,


At Large:

Christian Toinard, ENSI-Bourges, France,

Kuo-Chi Lin, University of Central Florida, USA,

Junaid A. Zubairi, State University of New York, New York, USA,