Collaborative Dynabooks:  A Research Agenda on Learning with Multimedia


Dr. Mark Guzdial

Georgia Institute of Technology






The desktop user interface was invented at Xerox PARC in the 1970's in pursuit of Alan Kay's vision of the Dynabook.  A Dynabook is a platform for learning through creation and exploration of multimedia.  Thirty years of cognitive and learning sciences research suggests that the Dynabook vision holds promise for improving education, but most powerfully, in a collaborative context.  Today, we have interim Collaborative Dynabooks which are having a direct impact on learning and accessibility, but with a long way to go in usability and integration.  This talk presents the state-of-the-art in Collaborative Dynabooks and points toward the questions still to be answered. 


Instructor's Biography:

Dr. Mark Guzdial is an Associate Professor in the College of Computing/GVU at Georgia Institute of Technology and Director of the Collaborative Software Laboratory.  His lab developed and supports CoWeb/Swiki, one of the most popular of the WikiWikiWeb implementations.  He is the author and co-editor of two books on Squeak, a language designed for multimedia and learning.  He is just completing a book on introducing programming in a media context with collaborative infrastructure.  He is on the editorial boards of "Interactive Learning Environments" and "Journal of the Learning Sciences."