Composing Executable Architectures in VSO


John Woodring

Modasco, Inc.





Visual Simulation Objects (VSO) is an architecture specification, design and execution toolkit that assists analysts in rapidly prototyping system designs and evaluating their dynamic performance.  VSO uses a graphical representation language based upon Colored Petri Nets to describe objects and their interactions.  It can be used both for individual applications and in a collaborative development environment. 

We will demonstrate how to build and execute a complex architecture and extract performance information from it.  The following features of VSO will be presented:

        Entity construction and Re-use

        Using pre-built entities to create an architecture

        Executing an architecture and evaluating performance metrics

        Composing an architecture using HLA




Dr. John Woodring, Chief Scientist, Modasco, Inc., USA


Short Bio:

Dr. Woodring is the Chief Scientist for Modasco, Inc. and responsible for the technical oversight of all its commercial and government contracts.  He has 25 years experience in modeling and simulation and over 75 classified publications in military tactics analysis and evaluation.  He is currently the Principal Investigator for Air Force R&D projects related to the development of model architecture tools that can be used to evaluate warfighting alternatives.