Proposal for Panel Session

Panel Session II


Warfighters Speak Out on Collaboration:  Current State of the Practice in Collaboration Systems”




The 2003 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems (CTS'03)


January 19-24, 2003 Orlando, Florida, USA






To provide attendees to CTS2003 with warfighters’ views of collaboration systems.  The panel members will discuss operational requirements for collaboration from their operational perspective.  The focus will be on building a bridge between the R&D community and the warfighters, addressing issues including:

·        What are the Services requirements for collaboration systems?

·        How are current operational systems used?

·        How could collaboration technology be used better, i.e., what organizational and process improvements could be affected by collaboration?

·        How will the Services achieve interoperability across different commands, different acquisition systems, and different requirements?

·        How can researchers and developers work better?

·        How are organizations acquiring collaboration systems?




The proposed panel will consist of uniformed members of the Armed Services who are in a position to acquire, evaluate, or use collaboration systems. Current panelists include:


Lt Col David Hagopian                      Lt Col Walter Price                        LCDR (sel) Tom Labor

US Marine Corps                                        US Air Force                                 US Navy





Panel members will be giving a 20 - minute presentation each, followed by a 30-minute question and answer/discussion session for a total of approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.



Panel Moderator:

Donald E. Henager                         WP: 858.826.5118

Program Manager, SAIC                            FAX: 858.826.5617

4161 Campus Point Ct, MS/E2                  Cell: 619.857.5118

San Diego, CA 92121                      



Panelists Short Bios:

David Hagopian:  Lieutenant Colonel David Hagopian, United States Marine Corps, is the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff resident expert in Knowledge Management and Collaboration.  He brings a measure of operational reality to this effort based on Fleet Marine Force service, including naval deployments to the Persian Gulf and field work in Kosovo.  Lieutenant Colonel Hagopian combined the knowledge gained from his operational tours with technology during his completion of the Master of Science in Civil and Environmental Engineering course of instruction from Carnegie Mellon University.  After completing the course work for his advanced degree, he served as the US Marine Corps Environmental Outreach, Training, and Education officer. Subsequently, he commanded a Communication Company at II Marine Expeditionary Force, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, from which he deployed to South East Europe providing strategic communications in support of Maritime Prepositioning Forces. Lieutenant Colonel Hagopian brings a unique perspective to the questions that will need to addressed to transform our military into an agile, knowledge enabled and decision superior force. 


Walter Price: 



Thomas P. Labor:  LT Labor is Deputy Director of COMMANDER THIRD FLEET – Network Centric Innovation Center (NCIC).  His NCIC staff of military personnel is complemented by technology and business consultants to identify, collect, assess, and facilitate the implementation of innovative practices and technologies to optimize the execution of operational missions.  In his current position, he uses his command and control background to tailor Network-Centric solutions to Carrier Battle Groups and Amphibious Ready Groups.   He is an E-2C Hawkeye Naval Flight Officer with two deployments to the Western Pacific and Northern Arabian Gulf in support of Operation SOUTHERN WATCH while attached to the USS NIMITZ (CVN-68) and USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN-74) Carrier Battle Groups.  He has also served as the Air Control Training Officer for Pacific Fleet’s enlisted personnel air control training.