The 2009 International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS 2009)
June 21 - 24, 2009, Leipzig, Germany



Trends and Challenges in Operating Systems - from Parallel Computing to Cloud Computing

 Andreas Polze
Hasso-Plattner-Institute for Software Engineering
University of Potsdam

Virtualization, the MultiThreading/MultiCore challenge, Clustering and System Reliability, as well as Energy Awareness and Cloud Computing are the most exciting topics for system programmers, operating system architects, and operators today.  This talk will discuss roots, design options, and state-of-the-art for solutions targeting the above-mentioned topics.

We will discuss a variety of approaches for virtualization on the operating system level.  The question on how to handle non-uniform memory-access models that are commonly found in today's multicore CPUs will be discussed on the basis of the Windows 7 NUMA programming model.  The talk will conclude with some remarks on the cloud.

Prof. Dr. Andreas Polze is the Operating Systems and Middleware Professor at the Hasso-Plattner-Institute for Software Engineering at University Potsdam, Germany.  He received a doctoral degree from Freie University Berlin, Germany, in 1994 and a habilitation degree from Humboldt University Berlin in 2001, both in Computer Science.

At HPI, his current research focuses on architectures of operating systems, on component-based middleware, as well as on predictable distributed and cloud computing. Previously he worked on real-time computing on standard middleware (CORBA). Andreas Polze has (co-) authored more than 60 papers in scientific journals and conference proceedings. He has contributed to five books.

Prof. Polze was Co-PI in the 6th framework European Integration project “Adaptive Services Grid” with strong links to the Web Services community and industrial standardization efforts.  Previously, he was principal investigator on a number of projects founded by Microsoft Research. He was recipient of the Microsoft 2007 Phoenix Direct Funding Award.