The 2009 International Conference on High Performance Computing and Simulation (HPCS 2009)
June 21 - 24, 2009, Leipzig, Germany


June 24, 17:45-19:15
Room: Tschichold

 Cloud Computing:
Opportunities and Challenges for HPC Applications

    Mads Nygċrd,
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway


François Bodin, CAPS Enterprise and IRISA, France
Rajkumar Buyya, The University of Melbourne and Manjrasoft, Australia
Ramin Yahyapour, Dortmund University of Technology, Germany

Cloud Computing is one of the hottest subjects these days for people in academia, industry and businesses.  The benefits of using of cloud computing platforms by the scientific community is not perfectly clear in terms of monetary cost-benefits and performance as well.

There are many questions to answer. For example, what is cloud computing?  How suitable are current cloud computing platforms for HPC applications? What are the advantages and disadvantages of using cloud computing to run HPC applications in terms of availability, security, and monetary costs?  How should cloud computing inter-operate with current computing infrastructures?

This panel will assess the state of the art in Cloud Computing, and the main issues and challenges facing the community.  The panel will also address the differences and similarities with other concepts and systems, and discuss the suitability of current cloud platforms for HPC applications.  The panel will tackle current shortfalls, and suggest recommendations for future research directions.


François Bodin co-founded CAPS ( in 2002 while he was a Professor at the University of Rennes I in France and since January 2008 he joined the company as CTO.  His contribution includes new approaches for exploiting high performance processors in scientific computing and in embedded applications.  Prior to joining CAPS, Dr. Bodin held various research positions at University of Rennes I and at the INRIA research lab. He has published over 60 papers in international journals and conferences and he has supervised over 15 PhD thesis.  Professor  Bodin holds a Master's a PhD in Computer Science, both from University of Rennes I. He is also member of the European Network of Excellence on High-Performance Embedded Architecture and Compilation. More information is available at

Rajkumar Buyya is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering; and Director of the Grid Computing and Distributed Systems Laboratory at the University of Melbourne, Australia.  He is also serving as the founding CEO of Manjrasoft Pty Ltd., a spin-off company of the University, commercializing innovations originating from the GRIDS Lab.  He has authored over 250 publications and three books.  The books on emerging topics that Dr. Buyya edited include, High Performance Cluster Computing (Prentice Hall, USA, 1999), Content Delivery Networks (Springer, 2008) and Market-Oriented Grid and Utility Computing (Wiley, 2009).  Dr. Buyya has contributed to the creation of high-performance computing and communication system software for Indian PARAM supercomputers.  He has pioneered Economic Paradigm for Service-Oriented Grid computing and developed key Grid technologies such as Gridbus that power the emerging e-Science and e-Business applications.  In this area, he has published hundreds of high quality and high impact research papers that are well referenced.  The Journal of Information and Software Technology in Jan 2007 issue, based on an analysis of ISI citations, ranked Dr. Buyya's work (published in Software: Practice and Experience Journal in 2002) as one among the "Top 20 cited Software Engineering Articles in 1986-2005".  He received the Chris Wallace Award for Outstanding Research Contribution 2008 from the Computing Research and Education Association of Australasia.  He is the recipient of 2009 IEEE Medal for Excellence in Scalable Computing.  More information is available at

Ramin Yahyapour is a professor and director of the IT and Media Center at Dortmund University of Technology in Germany since March 2007.  He is a member of the CoreGRID Network of Excellence and a leader of the CoreGRID Institute on Resource Management and Scheduling.  He was with the Computer Engineering Institute at the University Dortmund between 1996 and 2007. He has served as a Co-Chair/program committee of numerous of international conferences. He is also member of editorial board of International Journal of Grid and Distributed Computing (IJGDC). Dr. Yahyapour received the Rudolf Chaudoire Award in 2005. His research interest lies in the area of parallel job scheduling, resource management in its application to grid computing and service oriented architectures.  More information is available at .