The 2008 International Conference on High performance Computing & Simulation
(HPCS 2008)
June 3 - 6, 2008, Nicosia, Cyprus


Ubiquitous Intrusion Detection

 Françoise Sailhan
LIFC, University of Franche Comté
Besançon, France

The traditional way of protecting networks and applications with e.g., firewalls and encryption, is no longer sufficient to protect effectively emerging 4G networks. Intrusion detection mechanisms should be coupled with preventive measures so as to identify unauthorized abuses.  We present some of the challenges in designing efficient intrusion detection system using  network-management inspired techniques. Basically, the logs that are generated by any application/service, layer of the protocol stack or resource (e.g.,  router),  are collected so as to provide a global view of the supervised system based on which complex and distributed intrusions can be detected. Distribution capabilities and extensive coordination capabilities should also be provided for guarantying that both the network and the computing components do not constitute isolated entities largely unaware of each others.

Francoise Sailhan is working at the University of the Franche Comté since September 2007.  Prior, she spent two years (2005-2007) at the Ericsson Ireland Research Center (EIRC) as a Marie Curie Fellow.  Her responsibilities included serving as chair of the Invention Disclosure Board of Ericsson Ireland.  In 2005, she successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled "Resource Discovery in Ad Hoc Network" at the University Pierre and Marie Curie, France.  Her PhD work took place in the ARLES research team at INRIA-Rocquencourt, under the supervision of Dr Valérie Issarny.  She worked as a PhD intern at the Nokia Research Center in Finland (June-September 2002).  She was also a visited scholar at the Laval University in Canada during the year 2000.  Françoise Sailhan's interests cover a variety of topics in the intersection of distributed systems, service-oriented architecture, network configuration and management, mobile computing, and wireless networks with emphasis on mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs).  She has been working on the Celtic Madeira project and was previously involved in the FP6 Ubisec project.