The 2008 International Symposium on Collaborative Technologies and Systems
May 19-23, 2008, Irvine, California, USA


Anytime, Anywhere Collaboration on Mobile Phones

Du Li and Umesh Chandra
Nokia Research Center
Palo Alto, California, USA

Today more than three billion people world-wide are using cell phones on a daily basis.  Phones are becoming ubiquitous devices for communication and collaboration.  We have been developing a Web-based meeting system that run across a wide variety of computing devices, including desktop/laptop/tablet PCs and cell phones, as long as they have Web browsers.  The system allows one user to give a presentation to a group of colleagues, no matter where they are and which devices they use.  Features provided in the system include presence awareness, chat, whiteboard, and voice conferencing.  Users can create conferences and invite participants.  Participants can upload powerpoint and image files for sharing.  The host can make gestures on slides and re-assign roles to participants on the fly.


Du Li and Umesh Chandra
Members of the Research Staff in Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto, California, USA

Du Li has been doing research on collaboration systems since 1997, focusing on groupware engineering and consistency control issues.  Before joining Nokia in 2007, he received PhD from UCLA in Computer Science in 2000 and had been in academia since then.  His research interests include collaborative systems, CSCW, mobile computing, and Web.  He served on NSF panels, TPC of the CSCW, GROUP, and ECSCW conferences, and the editorial board of JCSCW.

Umesh Chandra leads a research team called Mobile Business Solutions (MoBS) at Nokia Research Center, Palo Alto.  His research focus is on how to utilize Web 2.0 concepts and technologies in enterprises and develop next generation Web-based mobile enterprise applications and services.  His research interests are in the areas of IP multimedia, group communication, Web/Enterprise 2.0, Mobile Web, etc.