June 28 - July 2, 2010
Caen, France

Posters Instructions

Presentation Posters Required Elements
A banner title and below it the list of the authors with affiliations.  HPCS 2010 info should be written at the bottom.
Posters must be in English. 

Presentation Posters Formatting Instructions
The poster size should be 2 X 3 ft to a maximum of 3 X 4 ft.

Tape, thumbtacks and other supplies may be needed at the site to mount the poster.

Posters should stimulate discussion, not give a long presentation.  Use graphs, charts and illustrations as much as possible.  Minimize use of text and tables.  Your poster should be easily readable from a distance of 4 ft (122 cm).  Color will enhance poster readability and attractiveness.

Suggested Fonts and Sizes: Times New Roman

Title: 90 ? 95 pt.
Authors/affiliations: 85 ? 90 pt.
Headings: 60 pt.
Text: 28 ? 36 pt.
References: 20 ? 24 pt.

Background color should be white or a neutral color that is easy on the eyes. 

Print a miniature version of your poster on 8.5''x11'' paper.  Choose ?Fit to size? under the print command, and choose letter-sized paper.  If your text is too small to read on the miniature version (from 12 inches), it will be too small to read on the final poster.  Same is true to pictures and figures ? the graphical elements of your poster should be sharp and clear on the miniature printout.  The miniature printout can also serve as a handout to provide during the poster session.

An outstanding poster design guide is available online at: www.tss.uoguelph.ca/ltci/TGuides/epdfinal.pdf


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